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  • TAPER - Day 1

  • A critical component of getting your firm focused on achieving its goals for the upcoming year is shaping an environment where everyone gets to contribute their best daily. There is a big difference between someone who has "bought in" and someone who is just "biding time" in the workplace, and this energetic keynote address explores the five distinct differences between a workplace owner and a workplace renter and examines the role vandals play in the workplace, too.

  • To grow your firm, you need leads. To get leads, you need to market your firm effectively. In this enlightening session you’ll learn the difference between wholesale marketing and retail marketing, why your success depends upon properly utilizing both, and how to blend the two into a powerful, customized lead-generation mix. You’ll gain an understanding of LWP’s proprietary Relationship Management System (RMS) for generating and tracking leads from allied professionals. You’ll also see multiple examples of effective retail marketing and learn the importance of the “call to action.”

  • If you’ve been giving some thought to transitioning out of your practice, you don’t want to miss this transformational session. LWP Member Susan Hunter will share her secrets to successful succession, including how to maximize the value of your firm to potential buyers, the most efficient and profitable transition strategies, and the “nuts and bolts” of the sales transaction itself. By session’s end you’ll know whether you are indeed ready to exit your firm, and if so, how to go about it - on your own terms.

  • Here you’ll learn how to let go of the tendency to “do everything yourself” and create a team that keeps your firm running at peak efficiency even when you’re out of the office for extended periods of time. Through a combination of hands-on exercises, group brainstorming, and the application of KOLBE principles, you’ll see why friction and miscommunication arise when team members are working against their instincts. You’ll also learn a powerful five-step hiring strategy, the “E4” method of team development, the importance of implementing an onboarding process, and how LWP systems expedite the growth of a successful practice in which every team member occupies the right seat.

  • This workshop explores the practical side of law firm succession planning. You’ll learn the five key issues involved in selling/transferring a Professional Service Enterprise (PSE); the six “trigger” events that often precede a sale or transfer; how a successful transaction is structured; tax considerations and tax planning; the importance of due diligence; how to get started; and more. Case studies will be utilized to show you how the concepts, strategies, and key considerations discussed during the workshop play out in the real world.

  • It’s virtually impossible to grow a proficient, profitable firm if your team is just “going through the motions.” In this empowering workshop, you’ll learn the secrets to creating an environment where every member of your team is fully engaged and thriving. Topics will include selection/hiring, onboarding, employee development, coaching, succession planning, and conflict resolution. By session’s end you’ll understand what practices work best—and why. Better yet, you’ll leave with the ability to implement one or more best practices within 30 days of returning to your office.

  • Do you and your team often feel like there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish the goals you need to grow your firm? This hands-on workshop will dispel that “myth” and replace it with proven time management tools and strategies that boost proficiency, productivity, and profit. You’ll learn how to use monthly, weekly, and daily focusers to accomplish individual and team goals; how to use Actionstep and color coding to manage cash flow and productivity; and how properly utilizing the first 15 minutes of your day can allow you to accomplish at least 10 priorities per week. You’ll leave the workshop with a thorough understanding of why the LWP system improves proficiency and how to fully utilize it to maximize profitability and firm growth.

  • TAPER - Day 2

  • You asked for it, you got it. Here’s your chance to ask LWP attorneys and team members anything you want. No topic is off limits: marketing, sales, systems, operations, hiring/firing, cash flow... the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You’ll also hear from veteran Members about how they’ve used LWP systems and strategies to overcome obstacles and make their firms more proficient and profitable. We expect this session to be as popular and energized as the first-ever member forum in New Orleans. Bring your curiosity.

  • Master the basics of Actionstep to customize and streamline your firm’s estate planning workflow… and take your firm to the next level in 2020. We’ll focus on how to set up workshop and estate planning matters, connect and update your calendar appropriately, and run reports. You’ll have the opportunity to walk through the actual generation of the estate planning and workshop workflows, and run the key focusers as appropriate steps are completed. In addition, you’ll be able to augment your skills after TAPER with our series of Actionstep training webinars and the updated walkthrough on the Member website.

  • Your firm’s growth depends on having the right people in the right positions. During this session you’ll learn how to apply LWP’s systemized hiring process to your firm. We’ll reveal our new assessment process, which analyzes the skill sets and attitudes a candidate needs to become a proficient, happy member of your team. You’ll also get a first look at our new Hiring Workflow, which can be added right into your LWP platform so that each step in the hiring process is documented in the cloud. Let’s face it: bad hires waste money, time, and energy. By the end of this session, you’ll be able to determine whether a candidate is the right fit for your firm BEFORE you make an offer.

  • In this workshop, which satisfies the ethics CLE requirement, we’ll focus on the importance of due diligence in the practice of elder law and estate planning. You’ll learn how to manage existing and potential conflicts of interest, the rules and expectations regarding client confidentiality, and the issues surrounding the execution of estate planning documents. You’ll have the opportunity to work in small groups to review and discuss case studies that raise potential ethical concerns.

  • Set your goals and develop your plan for a profitable 2020. You and your team will learn how to use Brainstorming Sprints, the Money Plan, the Four-Month Focuser, the Implementation Focuser and the Project Focuser to gain an understanding of, and take responsibility for, your 2020 goals. At the end of the retreat you’ll be ready to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to achieving all of your goals this year.

  • TAPER - Day 3

  • Imagine speaking in public without fear. Or never reflecting upon a conversation and thinking “I should have said this not that.” Or writing content without worrying about using the right “voice.” All this and more is possible when you are always being the authentic YOU. Why Day will transform the inner landscape of your being and bring your voice into the world, where it can be heard, celebrated, and honored. Through individual reflection, working in pairs, and group exercises, you’ll discover that: how you are “being” is much more important than what you are doing or saying; the genuine you has the confidence to make a measurable impact in all social situations; what others really want from you is simply the authentic YOU. By the end of Why Day, you’ll know how to connect on a whole new level with prospects, with clients, with your team, and in your personal life.

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October 21-25, 2019

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